Administrative Law

Experienced Administrative Law Attorneys

Often, our business objectives or personal goals are intertwined with complex administrative rules and regulations. Decisions made at the regulatory level can have a significant impact on the way we conduct our businesses, how we use our property, and whether we will be saddled with burdensome restrictions or be on the hook for costly fines. When facing regulatory challenges, having experienced administrative law counsel on your side can make all the difference.

With attorneys as well-versed in local Eastern Shore government entities and ordinances as they are in federal law, regulations, and procedures, McAllister, DeTar, Showalter & Walker (MDSW) provides effective representation in all administrative law matters. From applications to compliance to adversarial proceedings, we know the “who” and the “how” when it comes to dealing with regulatory agencies so we can constructively and efficiently resolve issues.

Protecting Clients From Regulatory Overreach

We are proactive in our approach when dealing with government agencies, seeking to minimize misunderstandings and resolve potential disputes before they become adversarial. When adverse administration action is looming, we attempt to find the most efficient way to remedy the underlying issue while also ensuring that your rights are not infringed upon by regulatory overreach.

As experienced litigators, we are fully prepared to challenge agency decisions in state or federal court, fiercely advocating for our clients until we achieve their goals and remove impediments that stand in their way.

Sophisticated Representation at Local, State, and Federal Levels

MDSW’s attorneys represent corporate and individual clients in all administrative and regulatory matters on the local, state and federal levels, including:

  • Appeals of administration decisions
  • Employment/wage and hour disputes
  • Environmental and wetland regulations
  • Healthcare licensing and regulation
  • Liquor license matters
  • Permitting and bonding
  • Professional license defense
  • Property tax appeals
  • State and local regulatory law
  • Subdivision issues
  • Tax matters
  • MHIC and Home Builders Guaranty Fund
  • Zoning citations
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Zoning and Code violations

On the state level, we have experience representing clients in matters before the Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings, including actions arising from the following agencies:

  • Maryland State Department of Agriculture
  • Maryland State Department of Education
  • Maryland State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  • Maryland State Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation
  • Maryland State Department of the Environment
  • Maryland State Department of Transportation
  • Maryland State Department of Natural Resources
  • Office of the Maryland Attorney General
  • Maryland Office of the Commissioner of Financial Regulation

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If you are facing an administrative law issue or regulatory challenge, we welcome the opportunity to explore how our experienced administrative law attorneys can assist you. With over three decades of combined experience and offices in Annapolis, Easton, Cambridge and Ocean City, Maryland, the lawyers at McAllister, DeTar, Showalter & Walker are committed to providing sophisticated, personally tailored representation throughout the Eastern Shore and beyond. 

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