Civil Litigation & ADR

Fighting for Your Rights

Disputes and disagreements are a part of life. It is almost inevitable that we will find ourselves at an impasse with another person or entity at some point. Most of the time, such matters can be resolved amicably, with minimal expense or disruption. Sometimes, however, an inability to reach an agreement, a need to stop or prevent a violation of rights, or the necessity of asserting one’s own rights can elevate a disagreement into a lawsuit. When that happens, the experienced civil litigation and dispute resolution attorneys at McAllister, DeTar, Showalter & Walker stand ready to bring matters to a positive conclusion.

Creative Solutions, Positive Resolutions

We pride ourselves on being creative and practical problem solvers for our clients facing complex litigation challenges. We recognize “victory” in a legal dispute can be illusory if it is overshadowed by substantial attorneys’ fees, lost time and productivity, or unwanted public attention. We also understand that litigation is usually the unwanted byproduct of the parties’ inability to find mutually acceptable alternatives to resolving the underlying issues between them. That is why we focus on those matters that lie at the heart of the dispute, identifying the core interests that drive the conflict and developing strategies to resolve them, often creatively, in a manner the reduces costs while increasing the likelihood of a more satisfactory result.

Whether we reach a resolution through negotiation or through the courts, we guide our clients through every phase of the dispute, always focused on achieving their goals as expeditiously and effectively as possible. While we always seek to find the most expeditious path to a positive resolution, we also remain ready to powerfully advocate for our clients in the courtroom or in alternative dispute resolution settings. We have earned a reputation as skilled trial lawyers and fierce protectors of our clients’ rights.

Effective Representation in a Wide Range of Litgation Matters

Our focused litigators cost-effectively represent our clients in critical litigation issues in trial and appellate courts at both federal and state levels, before administrative tribunals, in arbitration, in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, and in proceedings involving government agencies.

MDSW’s litigators handle all manner of disputes, including cases involving:

  • Agricultural issues
  • Commercial collections
  • Commercial litigation
  • Condominiums and homeowners’ associations
  • Construction
  • Corporate and securities litigation
  • Employment practices
  • Environmental impairment
  • Fraud and deceptive business practices
  • Information technology
  • Insurance coverage
  • Intellectual property
  • Probate litigation
  • Professional liability
  • Real estate disputes
  • Shareholder disputes

Our lawyers have spent decades helping a diverse group of clients successfully navigate disputes, including individuals, Fortune 500 companies, closely-held businesses, private equity firms, hospital systems, and municipalities.

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If you are involved in or anticipate a dispute that could lead to litigation, we are ready to help you bring your matter to an efficient and satisfactory resolution. With offices in Annapolis, Easton, Cambridge, and Ocean City, our team of experienced litigators provides creative, solution-oriented representation throughout Maryland.

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