Zoning & Land Use

Local Knowledge, Extensive Experience

When it comes to clearing zoning and land use obstacles that could stand in the way of your project, there is simply no substitute for local knowledge and experience. McAllister, DeTar, Showalter & Walker’s (MDSW) clients reap the benefits that come from our firm’s decades of facilitating projects and developments in Maryland, Delaware and throughout the Eastern Shore.

Development and use of property occur within an ever-increasing regulatory framework. Successful completion of development projects often requires extensive coordination between state and local authorities, neighboring property owners, and engagement with the larger community. Detailed understanding of nuanced regulations and experience navigating the political and multidisciplinary processes necessary to obtain approvals are imperative to timely commencement of projects. When unavoidable, MDSW provides dispute resolution through negotiating skills and personal relationships and superior legal advocacy to effectively challenge adverse decisions.

Deep Roots to Get the Job Done

MSDW’s zoning and land use attorneys routinely interact with elected and regulatory officials who make decisions that affect property owners. Our deep roots in local communities enable us to more fully understand community issues, concerns, and customs that may not be reflected in general laws and regulations. Local knowledge and relationships help build bridges and turn obstacles into opportunities. Our zoning and land use practice address all activities within our geographic footprint, including individual homeowner permitting challenges, approvals of residential, healthcare, commercial, industrial, utility, and renewable energy facilities, and entitlements for master-planned communities.

Sophisticated Zoning and Land Use Services

We assist our clients with any matters that impact the use of their property, including:

  • Zoning and rezoning
  • Comprehensive planning
  • Variances and special exceptions
  • Subdivision
  • Pier, wetland, and cultural resources
  • Comprehensive Water and Sewage Plans
  • Forest conservation
  • Code compliance
  • Utilities and renewable energy
  • Redevelopment
  • Transferable development rights
  • Development and special taxing districts
  • Priority Funding Areas
  • Cost-sharing and cost-reimbursements
  • Air rights
  • Eminent domain and condemnation

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The attorneys at McAllister, DeTar, Showalter & Walker provide the thoughtful insights, tireless effort and sound guidance that can help you successfully address all your zoning and land use matters. With over 30 years of combined zoning and land use experience, our attorneys offer high-level representation and a superior client experience focused on results.

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