Chris Mincher

Don’t Be Left High and Dry on Water Protection Credits

Who actually qualifies for credits can be tricky, and good-faith efforts by property owners to responsibly address runoff won’t necessarily qualify unless certain boxes are checked.

In a Contract Action Against the State, What a Difference More Than a Year Makes

Contracting with the State has a whole different set of rules than contracting with anyone else, and that remains true when a dispute arises.

Chris Mincher standing in front of the McAllister, DeTar, Showalter, and Walker LLC (MDSW) Annapolis sign.

Don’t Pay for an Agency’s Mistakes

Green Thumb Industries is in the cannabis processing and distribution business, meaning that almost everything about its products needs to be approved by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Accordingly, when Green Thumb wanted to sell its “Incredibles” cannabis-infused chocolate bars (presumably unrelated to the Pixar movie franchise), it submitted them to the Commission in January 2021 and was approved. Green Thumb put them out in stores. Simple enough, right? Well…